Kini aplikasi Twitter untuk macOS menyerupai aplikasi Twitter di peranti iPad.

Pengguna aplikasi Twitter di macOS hari ini menerima kemas kini pertama sejak aplikasi tersebut ditawarkan kembali untuk macOS pada pertengahan Oktober lalu.

Aplikasi Twitter untuk macOS menerima kemas kini major yang kini ia menyerupai aplikasi di iPad, hasil daripada projek Catalyst bagi memudahkan pembangun peranti iOS dan iPadOS menyelaraskan pembangunan aplikasi bagi macOS juga.

Twitter untuk macOS memeiliki beberapa ciri utama sepertimana pada apliaksinya diperanti lain seperti tetapan mod cerah dan gelap, sokongan pintasan papan kekunci baru, mengurus pelbagai akaun dan banyak lagi.

Berikut adalah senarai kandungan kemas kini aplikasi Twitter versi 8.1 untuk macOS yang dilepaskan hari ini:-

  • Fixed: closing Twitter and quickly reopening again could result in an unusable state of the app
  • Fixed: scrolling would temporarily stop working when closing certain windows using ESC key
  • Fixed: secondary clicking on a username would break secondary clicking for remainder of app session
  • Fixed: some windows could be dragged from anyone in their UI to move their window. This has been fixed so that only dragging the navigation bar of the window will drag the window, except for media windows which will continue to permit dragging from anywhere in their window.
  • Fixed: when under the Messages tab, navigating into “Message requests” would not offer a way to back out other than clicking the Messages tab again
  • Fixed: menu items capitalization was not matching the macOS pattern
  • Fixed: fonts and icons being too small. The Preferences… > Display and Sound options now offer 6 choices for font sizes in a wider range of sizes.
  • Fixed: prompt to enable push notifications not showing.
  • Fixed: Sharing to Twitter from the App Store now properly shares the link and not just the Twitter icon image
  • Fixed: Notifications containing media now properly display the media preview image
  • Improvement: When the Twitter app is in full screen mode, the composer and media viewer use the main window rather than creating new windows
  • Improvement: Added an “Accounts” menu for easier access to multiple account features
  • Improvement: Added timeline navigation key commands to the View menu
  • Improvement: Command+N now works globally
  • Improvement: Command+N will now always create a new Tweet composition. It used to sometimes start a reply, which can be accomplished with `R` when viewing a Tweet
  • Improvement: Can now use Drag and Drop to drag a video file from a finder window into a Tweet composition.
  • Improvement: Added support for pasting a video file, an animated GIF file, or multiple photo files copied from a Finder window into a Tweet composition. Can use Command+V, or secondary click and select “paste”
  • Improvement: Support trackpad and Magic Mouse back gestures
  • Improvement: Updated navigate back menu item to show Command+Left Arrow as keyboard shortcut. Command+[ still works, but Command+Left Arrow is easier for most international keyboards.